John and Rachel picknicking on marketing collateral


Seventeen years of teamwork between a technologist and a designer—both with decades of experience helping small businesses grow.



John Mangelsdorf

Coding, responsive and WordPress web sites, online ads, search engine optimization, plus


"I'm the best photographer on the team."

Sports: table tennis, swimming —in big waves whenever possible

Bonus to client: Master solution finder

Hobbies: playing guitar, cooking, gardening

Degrees in Computer Science and in Business from
San Jose State University

Night owl

Vacation: Moloka’i

Favorite project (if I have to pick one): Creating Google AdWords campaigns

First Website
I created my first website in 1997 for Hawaii’s first treehouse vacation rental in Waipi’o Valley.

Favorite Testimonial
"I would like to thank you, as well as Rachel, for your recent excellent work on the announcement project and the web app. You have been responsive, gracious, clear communicating, hard-working (even after hours) and budget sensitive." - T.G., M.D.



Rachel Hunter

Marketing, print collateral, site analytics, e–mail campaign design and management, plus

"How do I turn on my phone, again?"

"I'm the best photographer on the team."

Sports: CrossFit and pickleball to play, MLB (Go Giants!) to watch

Bonus to client: Organization fanatic

Hobbies: photography, roaming

Liberal Studies degree with minor in Anthropology from
Cal State Hayward

Early bird

Vacation: road trip!

Favorite project (if I have to pick one): designing responsive websites

First Website
2005, for a medically-directed athletic club working to reverse heart disease and diabetes

Favorite Testimonial
"You rock!" - Stacey, Manager, SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa